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A novel of explosive family secrets, regret, and all the little decisions that shape our lives and make us who we are.


At the age of thirty-nine, Alice Chang suddenly finds herself living in the last place she expected: her mother’s house. But in the face of divorce, eviction, and the recent death of her father, she doesn’t have a choice.  Watching as her mother thrives in a new job and meets younger men at the local gym, Alice struggles, reflecting on her parents’ marriage, her relationship with each of them, as she adjusts to being single again for the first time in twenty years. Then she finds her father’s old journal…and uncovers a shocking family secret that forces her to question everything she thought she knew about love, regret, family, and her own path forward.

As Alice comes to terms with the man her father really was, she must finally decide who she wants to be and what it will take to get there.

Chinhominey's Secret
Chinhomineys Secret cover.jpg

In this moving first novel, a Korean-American family faces not only intergenerational cultural conflicts between immigrant parents and their Americanized daughters, but also the results of a terrible prophecy, made by a fortune-teller 20 years earlier to Chinhominey, the long-estranged grandmother.

“Nancy Kim brings a light, lyrical touch to this engaging tale of self-fulfilling prophecies and intergenerational conflict among partly assimilated Asian-Americans.”

-- Boston Herald

“A true gem” --Tampa Tribune

“Combines the immigrant experience and suspense.”

-- San Jose Mercury News

“Tradition and superstition clash with contemporary American culture...Offers interesting insights into the power of a family legacy.” -- Kirkus Review



Nancy Kim is the author of several nonfiction books and two novels, Like Wind Against Rock and Chinhominey's Secret. She received her BA and JD from UC Berkeley, and an LLM from UCLA. She is a law professor and an expert on contracts and has lectured at universities around the world. She was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up in Los Angeles and Orange County, and has lived in France and New Zealand. She currently lives with her family in Southern California. 

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